Image of Michi Henning Michi Henning

Managing Director, Triodia Technologies
Software Engineer, Canonical
Triodia Technologies Pty Ltd (ABN 31 082 773 448)
150 Sapphire St
Holland Park 4121
Brisbane, Australia
Phone: +61 4 1118 2700

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How To Pronounce My Name:

Frequently, people ask me how to pronounce my name. Quite a lot of speculation has been circulating around this topic, including musings about the relative "gutturalness" of the Scottish "ch" (as in "Loch") versus the Bavarian "ch" (as in "Kochtopf" ;-) To settle the argument once and for all, I decided to put up a wave file with myself speaking my name. I figured that this would be the definitive answer to how to pronounce my name, seeing (or, more accurately, hearing) that this is how I pronounce it myself. Winking Smiley

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