Acknowledgments for Advanced CORBA Programming with C++

Last updated: 28 January 2004

Since the first printing of the book, a number of people have provided us with feedback, corrections, and constructive criticism. Because of production limitations outside our control, we cannot acknowledge everyone in the book itself with each new printing. Instead, we would like to use this page to thank all the people who helped us make this a better book. They are:

Joachim Achtzehnter, Prashant Altekar, Phil Aston, Kevin Bailey, Tom Barber, Fernando Bellas Permuy, Danut-Toma Boeriu, Holger Brands, Oliver Becker, Darrell Brunsch, Franciszek Czekala, Martin Buechi, Chris Cleeland, Ken Coveny, Philip Dawes, Arnaud Desitter, Rob Dunn, Ernie Ellenberger, Andrew Fielden, Bernard Gaffney, Andreas Geisler, Greg Hall, Andrew Harbick, Hayim S. Hendeles, David Holmes, Jerome Jacobsen, Johnson John, James Johnson, Brett Jordan, Oliver Kamps, David Karr, Vo Phi Khanh, Sascha Kratky, Harald Kucharek, Marc Laukien, Bruno Lisak, Bill Lloyd, Sai-Lai Lo, John Love-Jensen, Jonathan Low, Daniel Manfis, Stas Maximov, David McCann, Olaf Meding, Steve Newberry, Matthew Newhook, Bernard Normier, Brian O'Connor, James Olson, Jeff Parsons, Joerg Pommnitz, Bingzhe Quan, Mikko Saastamoinen, B. Satya Pravin, Bill Robertson, Craig Rodrigues, Craig Ryan, Claude Schildknecht, Tres Seaver, Diego Sevilla Ruiz, Karsten Spang, Mark Spruiell, Umar Syyid, Georg Trausmuth, Hugues Van Eylen, Stefan Wengi, Duangdao Wichadakul, Thomas Wiegert, Adam Wilkshire, Bob Withers, and Reuven Yagel.
Thanks again to all of you, and to all our readers!

Michi and Steve

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